Thursday, January 10, 2013

Interactive Fiction and the Origin of Hypertext

Good Morning Everyone!

In preparation for starting our blogs, we are going to be exploring hypertext fiction today. I will be presenting you with some background as well as giving you some time to navigate these modern works of literature yourselves.

When looking at these works please consider the following questions:
1. What choices did the author have to make in order to create this piece?
2. What choices are available to the reader? What limitations are there?
3. What modes (textual, aural, visual, etc.) does the author employ?
4. How might you adapt all of this when you begin to set up your blog?

Please, post a comment in which you answer these questions for two of the works that you look at during the presentation.

You will need the following links during the course of the presentation:

Digital Novels before the Internet:

Hyptertext Fiction after the WWW:  or

Hypertext Fiction Today

Interactive Fiction

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