Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Memoir Unit Final Assignment

Ms. Hoffmann
Memoir Unit Assignment

-To practice using the writing process (brainstorming through editing)
-To continue to practice writing memoir that contains appropriate memoir elements (like the examples that we read in class)

-Write a complete memoir for your chosen life chapter (3-5pp.)
-Use your plot diagram as a guide to make sure that you have an appropriate story arc (you may need to modify some parts of your diagram)
-Weave in the pieces that you wrote during our class workshops (name segment is optional)
-Check to be sure that you include elements of memoir
-Make sure to edit and polish your piece

Grading Criteria:
-Memoir is between 3 and 5 pages in length (15 pts)
-Memoir is accompanied by a draft (10 pts)
-Memoir contains a setting piece (10 pts)
-Memoir contains a snapshot piece (10 pts)
-Memoir contains a name piece (this can be a separate, polished paragraph from the memoir) (10 pts)
-Memoir follows your plot diagram (10 pts)
-Final piece follows the conventions of memoir and utilizes creative elements that we discussed in class (10 pts)
-Writing is clear and polished (there is evidence of editing from previous drafts) (10 pts)

Total:  _______/ 85 pts
Due Date: Friday, October 5th

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