Friday, September 7, 2012

Memoir: Developing a Setting

-Work on our "chapters of our lives" timeline

  • Partner up with someone 
  • Develop more details about these
  • Choose a chapter to write further about this quarter
-Discussion of A Heartbreaking Work of Incredible Genius
  • What settings does Eggers set up?
  • How does he set them up?  What literary devices does he use?
  • How does this contribute to the picture of his life that he presents?
-Map Pieces Discussion
  • Look at your map handout examples
  • Which fits best with your chosen chapter?  Circle it.  (You could also use Eggers' work)
  • What literary elements does it use?  Label some of them.

*Read Lammott's memoir excerpt
*Take five notes about how the plot structure works
*Write a paragraph developing the setting for the chapter of your life that you chose.  Use at least two of the literary devices that you saw in the sample memoir that you picked.

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