Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fragmentary Lists

Good Morning!

Today, we are going to work on identifying our writing strenghts/weaknesses.  We are also going to touch upon what professional writing really looks like / what a messy process it can be.  Our discussion will be spurred by a short work by late journalist, Donald M. Murray.  You can read an interview with him at the following link:

We are also going to work on our first brainstorming activity:

Fragmentary Lists:
Lists of whatever comes to mind.  Remember these are a little more staggered than a free write.  They can include single words, phrases, quotes, song lyrics, anything.  You do not have to worry about spelling, capitalization, or anything like that.  However, you have to remember that once these are complete you have to ask yourself a question to continue on with the piece.  You can ask, "What surprises me about this list?" or "What connects/where is there a pattern?" 

Remember that what you do with the list is important.  The list is not simply for the sake of the list.  It is to help you get started writing.  You can use it to start writing a creative paragraph about a pattern that you saw or something interesting that you saw.  You also could create a list and use it for non-fiction pieces. 

-Don't forget about your "A Million Words or Less" papers with signatures
-Complete a fragmentary list for a non-fiction piece.  Complete one in response to what we read from Donald Murray's book, and complete an introductory paragraph that you build from that list.  (Don't forget a thesis!)

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