Thursday, August 30, 2012

Autobiography Web Quest

Good Morning,

Today, we are going to continue to practice some brainstorming exercises.  While we do this, we are going to start to look at the autobiography genre of writing.  As we will throughout the course, we are going to look at models of autobiographies.  These autobiographies will serve as models that we can keep in mind as we progress to the writing of our own autobiographies, memoirs, and (possibly) college-admissions essays, all of which make up our current unit on personal narratives.

--Bell Work-->Self-Interview Brainstorming
--What is an autobiography?
--Autobiography Web Quest:
Answer the following questions about the autobiography assigned to your group.  Write them on a separate sheet of paper to hand in.

  1. What kind of information does this tell you about this person?  The time period?  Pick a couple of facts to share.
  2. Can we sense anything about his personality?
  3. What does his unifying theme seem to be?
  4. Who do you think his audience is?  (For all of the pieces of writing that you complete, this is something that you should consider).

Some words to think about as you go on to create your autobiography:

*Don't forget to finish answering your group's questions.

*Over the long weekend, you will be writing your diagnostic essay (It will be due Wednesday).  The diagnostic essay is a way for me to see where you are in your writing.  I will count it if it helps your grade at the end of the quarter.  If it does not, you will still get credit for completing it.

Diagnostic Essay Directions
This will be your first attempt at completing a personal narrative.  In keeping with our focus on our experiences with writing, your unifying theme will be your journey as a communicator.  Some questions that may help you to write on this theme include:

  • When did you first start writing letters?  Sentences?  Stories? Papers? Research papers?
  • When did you start learning grammar?  
  • What is a writing goal that you are working towards in the future?
You do not have to answer all of these.  You should write about your journey as a writer.

If you get stuck, think about the models that we looked at in class.  Although they wrote about other experiences, think about the style of their writing and how they organized their thoughts.

Length--2pp., typed, double spaced
Make sure to include an introduction and conclusion.
Although we mentioned in passing that creative writing does not always require proper grammar, please follow the conventions of Standard English so that I can see what your writing is like.

You will be graded on:
-Following the above-mentioned directions
-Grammar, spelling, organization (which will likely be chronological for this paper)
-A well-written introduction and conclusion
-How well you touched on the required theme
     --> clarity
     --> some solid details, examples
     -->how true you are to the genre (Do you talk about the theme over a span of time?  Do you convey  
          some of your personality/who you are as a writer?  Is the paper written in the first-person?)

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